Killer Cyborg (killercyborg) wrote,
Killer Cyborg

Faith, Reason, and Bludgeoning

Of the many, many people- living or dead- that I'd like to bludgeon, one of the higher ranked is the person who decided that faith was by definition divorced from reason.
As if random and blind belief was somehow a noble pursuit.

1. confidence or trust in a person or thing: faith in another's ability.

The link goes on to list a lot of the other definitions that spawned since that nameless wretch decided to muck things up, but I reject those because all they do is to turn a beautiful word and concept into something ugly.

Every time I flip the light switch in my bedroom, I have faith that the light will come on.
Because I have evidence that this is the likely result of that action: I have seen it happen many times.
I have trust that switch's ability to illuminate the room.

When I'm alone in a building at night, and I'm afraid that there's a killer lurking in the shadows, I have faith that there's really nobody there.
Because it has never been the case before, therefore it's not likely to be the case now.
I have confidence in my assumption that killers have something better to do than to wait in random, empty, fully locked buildings just in the hopes that I might happen along.

When I feel that life is purposeless, that it's all just a random zig-zag of energy in a meaningless void, I have faith that there actually IS a purpose to the universe, that God created it all for a reason.
Because I have seen things in my lifetime that indicates to me that there IS a God.

In any one of these cases, my faith might be misplaced.
I might flip that light switch one day and have nothing happen.
I might wander into a building one night and meet a killer waiting in the shadows.
I might actually be nothing more than a random zig-zag of energy in a larger mass of zig-zags of energy in a meaningless void.

But in each case, I have reasons for believing as I do- whether or not my conclusions are ultimately correct, and whether or not the processes of reasoning that brought me to them is flawless.

I haven't just drawn a religion out of a hat and decided to blindly do whatever it says.
I haven't clung to my beliefs in spite of what I've seen in the world.
I've chosen my beliefs because they're what make the most sense to me.
I've stuck with those beliefs that can reasonably co-exist with what I've seen in the world, and I've discarded and modified the rest.
I have faith, but not blind faith.
Blind faith is for people who don't actually want to see, and since I am of the belief that God created this universe, I wantto see; the more I see of God's creation the more I know about God.
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