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The Killer Cyblog

Killer Cyborg
I picked the name "Killer Cyborg," not because I'm a killer (any more than anybody else), or a cyborg (that you know of), but because it was the name of the first character I rolled up for the Rifts Role-Playing Game by Palladium Books.
He was a good-aligned mage who had no cybernetics, but preferred to mislead his enemies about his nature.

Anyway, there's not much to know about me. I received a bachelor's degree in Miscellaneous in the summer of 2008. I've had a lot of different jobs over the years, but never an actual career.
I'm happily married, and have been since 1997.

I would like to write professionally, so if you have any tips on jobs, just let me know. ;)

I've been a regular and prolific poster at the Palladium Books website, much to the annoyance of some, and the amusement of others.
I've also frequented a number of other message boards, under this name and others.

This Blog got started because my wife insisted that I start saving copies of the various rants, reviews, thoughts, and arguments that I get involved in.
Also, because I so often find myself in an argument that I've been in before, that I figure it'll be easier in the future if I can just look up my position/thoughts here, and send a copy to whomever I'm arguing with.
I am also contemplating using this as a dream journal, instead of the written one I have sporadically used in the past, then lost and nearly forgotten about.

Anyway, look around, and feel free to respond to any of my entries or posts here.